1How long is the program?
Two months, 8 sessions monthly.
2What are the fees of the program?
* If provided by the IRC: it is totally funded by the IRC office, so the program is for free. However, a refundable deposit of 400 EGP is paid at the beginning of the program as a proof of commitment.
3Where will the sessions be held?
* If provided by the IRC: Every week, there's one session held on Sundays at the U.S. Embassy, and the other one at Fab Lab Egypt on Tuesdays. * If provided by Fab-Lab-on-Wheels: both weekly sessions are held at the governorate in which the bus is parking.
4Will I have a certificate?
Yes we issue certificates for the graduates, and they are accredited by both Fab Lab Egypt.
5How to apply for the diploma?
You have to attend at least one of the general sessions, then you can apply by filling out the online form on the Maker Diploma website.
6What are the general sessions?
The general sessions are open discussions/presentations where the instructors of the diploma introduces the goals, content, and structure of the diploma.
7What is the estimated workload?
We advise all the participants to make sure that they have enough time to get the full experience of the diploma, as the diploma extends beyond the sessions. You will have to do some research, try some projects, or learn from others. Formally speaking, the average workload will be between 20 ~ 30 hours per week.
8If I was not accepted, Can I apply again?
9What happen if I failed the course?
In case you have failed the course without having a proper excuse, you will not receive the deposit nor a graduation certificate, and you will not be able to apply again.